Become 100% Green Fulfillment!

We believe in 100% Green Fulfillment. Now and in the future.

The current CO2 emissions that we generate together are an important indicator of how the climate will develop in the coming years. CO2 retains heat. So the more CO2, the more heat, the warmer the climate. Warmer temperatures have a disastrous effect on our earth. Sea levels are rising, areas are drying out and biodiversity is declining.

We believe that we all have a part to play in this. So are we as an e-fulfilment company. That is why we work with sustainable partners and we continuously invest in making our processes and those of our customers more sustainable: from reducing returns to sustainable packaging and sustainable transport. Based on the results of the e-Fulfilment Maturity Assessment, we will talk to you to discuss your green ambitions and actively come up with suggestions for improvement. We do this under the name Green Fulfillment.

Packaging manager; earn more and become more sustainable

With the rise of e-commerce, the number of packaging has increased enormously in recent years. Packaging can not only be very polluting; they sometimes also cost unnecessarily much. That is why we have developed the packaging manager in the context of Green Fulfillment, together with our partner Moonen Packaging. The packaging manager looks beyond your products and also seeks a connection with your processes. In this way you can save money, CO2 emissions, space and time on the fronts. Because Moonen Packaging is one of the most sustainable companies in the Netherlands with its CSR Performance Ladder Level 4, we are together at the forefront of Green Fulfillment and strive for sustainable packaging.

CO2 meter; measuring is knowing!

As a sustainable company, we continuously invest to make our footprint measurable. As part of Green Fulfillment, we therefore measure the CO2 emissions of more and more packages. You can also track this via your e-warehouse system. This allows you as a webshop to distinguish yourself from your competitors by making your customers aware of these emissions. In addition, we are actively researching sustainable transport with partners, for example electric driving by using solar panels on our trailers. With this we reduce the consumption of fossil fuels and therefore CO2 emissions and we contribute to Green Fulfillment.

Living Lab Green Fulfillment; we’re happy to show you!

But we don’t stand still, we keep investing! A permanent part of our services is our Living Lab Green Fulfillment. We have three testing grounds in Weert where we actively test and develop sustainable products and solutions. Moreover, we actively share this knowledge with partners and other stakeholders. Topics covered are sustainable transport, last mile city distribution and waste reduction. We would be happy to show you around one of our living lab locations to show you our innovations and activities related to Green Fulfillment.

Our promises

  • Excellent Fulfillment Experience

    e-Fulfillment Hub offers an excellent fulfillment experience. From the moment your customer places the online order until the moment of delivery to the specified address. In the Netherlands and throughout Europe. On all sub-processes within the e-fulfilment domain.

  • 100% Green Fulfillment

    e-Fulfillment Hub offers 100% Green Fulfillment. Together with our sustainable partners, we continuously invest in making processes more sustainable. Our own processes and those of our customers. In this way we also fulfill your green ambitions.

  • Acceleration of Growth

    e-Fulfillment Hub provides acceleration of growth. A well-oiled machine goes faster. Moreover, with our e-Fulfillment Maturity Model we offer you active advice on how things can be improved. In the field of your digital marketing and e-commerce up to and including sustainable packaging, European expansion plans, etc.

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