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We believe in fully sustainable e-fulfilment. Now and in the future.

Are you looking for a company to outsource your e-fulfilment? As a sustainable e-fulfilment service provider, E-Fulfillment Hub offers an excellent fulfillment experience to all its customers. With our integrated approach and vision, we help make your logistics process more sustainable. As an e-Fulfillment Hub, we believe that we also have a role in creating sustainability in the logistics sector.

Green Fulfillment: a must for sustainability in the logistics sector

Today, climate change is a major concern. The greenhouse gas CO2 is the main cause and as a result the earth is warming. Everyone in the world has a role to contribute to minimizing CO2 emissions. As an e-fulfillment service provider in the logistics sector, we work from e-Fulfillment Hub with sustainable partners and we continuously invest in making our processes and those of our customers more sustainable. We try to reduce the number of returns and use sustainable packaging and transport as much as possible. With this we create more sustainability within the logistics sector.

Sustainability essential in the logistics sector

Sustainability is essential in the logistics sector. The increasing online orders, with a large CO2 footprint, and the increasing need from consumers, governments and other organizations to deal responsibly with the environment, call for a more sustainable logistics sector. However, the desired sustainability is lagging behind. In order to become more sustainable, this will have to be higher on the agenda of logistics companies.

e-Fulfillment Hub: example of sustainability in the logistics sector

We see that it is difficult for many logistics companies to become more sustainable. This is due to the fact that these companies have too little knowledge and resources to implement sustainability in their logistics process. e-Fulfillment Hub develops sustainable innovations within the Living Lab Green Fulfillment to reduce CO2 emissions in the logistics sector. The Living Lab is therefore also seen as the knowledge and innovation platform for sustainable e-fulfilment, where new technological and social innovations are worked on in collaboration with web shops, governments and educational institutions. e-Fulfillment is therefore an example of a sustainable logistics company that contributes to sustainability in the sector. Would you like to contribute ideas about the Living Lab Green Fulfillment? Then take a look at our LinkedIn community!

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