Sustainable developments in logistics

We believe in fully sustainable e-fulfilment. Now and in the future.

Ten years ago, sustainability was not yet an important topic in logistics. Nowadays, sustainability is becoming an increasingly important theme in our society. People are increasingly realizing that they influence the world with their own choices. Today, it is vital for companies and employees to pay attention to sustainability. Consumers find sustainability increasingly important and consider it important that companies make a positive contribution to society, the environment and the well-being of people. Sustainability is also essential in logistics. However, the desired sustainability is lagging behind. By implementing sustainable logistics developments, e-Fulfillment Hub tries to make the logistics process more sustainable.

e-Fulfillment Hub implements sustainable logistics developments

The increase in technological innovations ensures that sustainable logistics developments in the market follow each other in rapid succession. e-Fulfillment Hub closely follows these sustainable logistics developments and completely relieves you of all your worries by integrating these developments into your logistics process. In addition, the Living Lab Green Fulfillment is working on new innovations in this area.

Living Lab Green Fulfillment: the testing ground for sustainable logistics developments

The Living Lab Green Fulfillment is a testing ground where sustainable innovations are tested and developed, with the aim of reducing CO2 emissions in the logistics sector. Today, the Living Lab is seen as the knowledge and innovation platform for sustainable e-fulfilment. We work together with web shops, governments and educational institutions to develop new technological and social innovations. The Living Lab Green Fulfillment contributes to sustainable developments in logistics. Would you like to contribute ideas about the Living Lab Green Fulfillment? Then take a look at our LinkedIn community!

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