Red Je Pakketje becomes Instabox

e-Fulfillment Hub uses sustainable carriers in the fulfillment process. An example of this is Red Je Pakketje, which were taken over by the Swedish Instabox at the beginning of 2021. The two companies coordinated internal processes last year. At the beginning of this year they will therefore take over the name of Instabox.

Quality has priority for Red Je Pakketje

Red Je Pakketje has the consumer as the highest priority. This results in flexible service and a higher chance of a correct delivery the first time they show up. In addition, the delivery person is considered because they are not paid per package but per hour. This gives the delivery person the right amount of attention for the consumer and the package. Employees are employed by themselves, which means that there is more responsibility for handling the delivery.

Same day carrier option

Red Je Pakketje differentiates itself on quality and same day delivery. They do this by means of evening delivery, which means there is a higher chance of accepting the package. Research by (2020) shows that millennials in particular are very interested in the benefits of same day delivery, with 80% interested in the service compared to 20% who are not interested. 15% are willing to pay more for same day delivery and 39% would like to use the service at no extra cost which equates to 54% being interested in same day delivery.

Instabox changes

Quality is still paramount at Instabox. Because the two organizations have now been merged, this can be scaled up. Instabox entails a very sustainable vision, which means that all packages are now delivered completely fossil-free and electrically in as many cases as possible. The CO2 emissions are partly offset by this by 110%.

In addition to the same day and next day delivery in the evening, the service will be further expanded with parcel safes that serve as a pick-up point. As a result, the consumer no longer has to be at home in a certain period of time and more packages can be delivered in the same time. This parcel safe can also be used for return parcels. This brings more convenience and speed to the process.

“We compensate 110% for our low CO2 emissions.”

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