Packaging manager

Saving from product to process

Do you want to save from product to process? E-Fulfillment Hub fulfills the role of the often missing packaging manager for you. This allows you to save money, CO2 emissions, space and time on all fronts. We work together with our partner Moonen Packaging, which is known for its efficient logistics and spring packing innovation.

Packaging manager changes perspective

Many companies have no insight into their packaging needs and regard packaging as pure costs. The e-Fulfillment Hub packaging manager sees this differently. E-Fulfillment Hub is free to think in other materials and likes to think in sustainable packaging solutions. Open contact is essential in this regard. In this way, the packaging manager can also be of added value in several places within your organization. For example, the packaging manager can relieve logistics managers by managing the stock, giving him more storage space and reducing his CO2 emissions. Plant managers can produce even faster and more efficiently with our knowledge, if we think along with them. As soon as our packaging manager enters the shop floor, savings are revealed that you do not see yourself. That is our added value.

Packaging manager’s attention to sustainable packaging

The e-Fulfillment Hub packaging manager likes to think in terms of sustainable packaging. A few years ago, sustainability was only linked to cost savings. Today it is also a serious topic of discussion and our range of sustainable packaging and disposables is viewed with great interest. E-Fulfillment Hub therefore not only advises on the most suitable packaging, but also takes the sustainability aspect into account. In this way we arrive at sustainable packaging that is both appropriate and green.

Development within Living Lab Green Fulfillment

To enable further sustainability, e-Fulfillment Hub has set up the Living Lab Green Fulfillment. The Living Lab Green Fulfillment is the knowledge and innovation platform for sustainable e-fulfilment. New technological and social innovations are developed and validated in the market in co-creation with all kinds of partners, web shops, educational institutions and governments.

Are you interested in our packaging manager or would you like to help us think about how we can make the logistics sector more sustainable through packaging? Then contact us!

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