Sustainable transport

Transport with fewer kilometers and CO2 emissions

It seems like a contradiction: sustainable transport. After all, shipping and transport is often done by burning fossil fuels. This results in gigantic CO2 emissions. However, there are many opportunities that e-Fulfillment Hub believes in. Studies show that it is possible for the transport world to be fully sustainable by 2050. For this, CO2 emissions must be reduced by 80 to 95%. That is what we believe in: towards fully sustainable e-fulfilment.

Carrier options

e-Fulfillment Hub has multiple options for sending letter mail, parcels and pallets worldwide. For example, we work together with Instabox, Thijs Logistiek, PostNL, DPD, DHL, GLS, UPS, Trunkrs, bpost, Collisimo and others. With our wide range of carriers, we can offer multiple options in the field of Same Day Delivery.

Thanks to our own developed IT system, we can immediately send an email to the customer including track and trace URL as soon as the package has been labeled. This is also visible in our e-Warehouse system.

Our cut-off time is 22.00 for next day delivery, for Same Day Delivery we have a cut-off time of 10.00. It is also possible to insure shipments.

Please contact us for all your requirements.

Labeling service

We also offer a labeling service, where shipments can be easily booked, labels can be generated and all information regarding shipment is clearly displayed. In addition, the CO2 emissions of each shipment are measured. As a result, there is always real-time insight and it is possible to work on the ambition to be as sustainable as possible. In this way, our shipments arrive at the agreed address with fewer kilometers and fewer CO2 emissions. And that is sustainable shipping for us.

Our transport service

We are active throughout the world with our e-fulfilment services and can therefore offer competitive purchase rates for all countries. Thanks to our collaborations, we have extra good connections in the Benelux. We send the following packages with a smile for you to hard-to-reach places, city and region:

  • Pallet and parcel shipments
  • Non-standard goods
  • Returns
  • Full loads
  • ADR
  • Length goods

If your package type is not listed, there is still a good chance that we can offer the fulfillment service for this. Our shipping service has years of experience with ADR, fragile and outsized goods. In addition, we measure the CO2 emissions of shipments, so that we can work towards fully sustainable e-fulfilment. All your shipments are logged and tracked in real-time. Our shipments arrive at the agreed address with fewer kilometers and fewer CO2 emissions.

The transport of the following products has our special product-specific experience:

  • Automotive
  • Batteries
  • Construction products
  • DIY stores
  • Printed matter and paper rolls
  • Document transport
  • Hazardous goods storage and transport
  • Paper and packaging
  • Oils
  • Shoe distribution
  • Steel products
  • Textile
  • Paint
  • Packaging machines

In addition to our personal transport service, we have partnerships with all possible carriers in the Netherlands. For abroad there is at least one option to ship.

Sustainable transport and health

Sustainable shipping and health are closely linked. After all, a high consumption of fossil fuels is harmful to health. Inner cities are silting up and emission-free cities are increasingly becoming a topic of discussion. There is an increasing demand from the market for sustainable and efficient shipping. In this way, the quality of life in cities can be increased through cleaner air and less noise pollution. This benefits the health of residents.

Sustainability within e-Fulfillment Hub

E-Fulfillment Hub is committed to sustainability. For example, through our green shipping service, we offer customers the opportunity to work with partners to ship without emissions using bicycle couriers or electric vehicles. In addition, we offer the option to offset CO2 and we offer shipping to pick-up points. In this way we strive for fully sustainable e-fulfilment.

With our e-fulfilment services and sustainable delivery, we are active throughout Europe. Thanks to our close-knit distribution network and our intensive collaborations, up to 35% CO2 can be saved. This applies not only to standard goods, but also to non-standard goods, ADR goods and length goods. In addition, we can offer competitive purchasing rates for all countries.

Living Lab Green Fulfillment: innovating around sustainable shipping

To make the logistics world more sustainable, e-Fulfillment Hub has created the Living Lab Green Fulfillment. One of the themes in which innovation is taking place is sustainable shipping. With our project to map CO2 emissions, we are working on sustainable transport.

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