Sustainability is customization

On Thursday 20 May 2021, e-Fulfilment Hub organized a webinar on the theme of sustainable packaging. After an introduction by director Bart Verlegh, Willem van Hoof, business development manager of e-Fulfillment Hub, went deeper into the sustainable value proposition. Sustainability was labeled as customization. This was illustrated by means of three examples and a presentation by Peter Nieuwland, packaging specialist at Moonen Packaging.

Sustainable e-fulfilment is tailor-made

Small webshops often have the ambition to scale up sustainably, while large webshops are interested in the quantitative KPIs on sustainability to report on, for example CO2 emissions. In addition, the type of product largely determines the solution.

The packaging is very important in all this. Not only is there much to gain here when it comes to sustainability, it is also one of the most important touchpoints. This was illustrated by means of three examples.

    Packing with care

    For certain products, such as care products for mother and child, the packaging is an important brand touch point. It is often a gift and should have a luxurious and sustainable appearance. It is therefore important that the packaging is carefully examined. For example, we use sustainable materials and a plastic-free packing line, the product must not be damaged and we give the product a personal touch with the packaging.

    Efficient and sustainable packaging

    Other products, such as spare parts for recreational boating, require fast and efficient shipping throughout Europe. Again, it is important to think carefully about the packaging. For example, the products must be packed in a sturdy box and we also try to make a profit by limiting volume and material.

    Limit damage and waste

    Still other products require a completely different perspective. Large products such as PV systems for off-grid living are easily damaged. This must therefore be taken into account when packaging. In addition, customers who consciously make a sustainable choice do not want to be saddled with a lot of waste material. Together with a pallet builder, we are now investigating the safest and most sustainable solution.

    Sustainability is customization

    The three examples already show that sustainability is tailor-made. Packaging plays an essential role, but the perspective from the type of product often largely determines the solution that is offered. Do you have questions about our sustainable value proposition or would you like to know more about our sustainable packaging solutions? Download the knowledge report of the webinar via the button below or request a quote without obligation!

    Would you like to know more about our sustainable packaging solutions?

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