Same-day delivery drives consumer expectations

The world of e-commerce, a heaven for online shoppers. Due to the continuous developments in the logistics sector, the expectations of the consumer are constantly increasing. This places higher demands on web shops. Orders are increasingly delivered the same day. But how important is this for the consumer?

Rising consumer expectations

Online shopping has been on the rise in recent years. Consumers order their products at any time of the day, from all kinds of different devices. The consumer expects that the product can be delivered quickly for a minimum of shipping costs. There is a growing desire for extremely fast delivery, with consumers wanting to decide for themselves where and when the order is delivered.

Higher demands for web shops

The ever-increasing consumer expectations mean that increasingly higher demands are placed on web shops and logistics service providers. Same-day delivery is an example of this. Same-day delivery means that consumers receive their products at home on the day of order. According to Sendcloud’s E-commerce Delivery Compass, 50% of Dutch consumers expect to be able to place an order until 14:00 and have it delivered the same day.

50% of Dutch consumers expect to be able to place an order until 14:00 and have it delivered the same day.

Same-day delivery isn’t new

Same-day delivery is not new, however. Red Je Pakketje is an example of a company that specializes in same-day delivery. They focus specifically on the evening delivery component and have been successful in this for years. Coolblue is also a company that has been offering same-day delivery services for almost ten years. Initially, consumers paid €17.95 for this, but the costs have already fallen by almost 75%. e-Fulfillment Hub endorses the increasing focus on same-day delivery. Earlier we therefore also published a knowledge report on this theme, which can be downloaded via the button below. However, we also realize that this is just one of the consumer needs that needs to be addressed.

Same-day delivery only one consumer need

Besides the speed of delivery, there are many other aspects that are important. In addition to the need to receive your ordered product(s) as quickly as possible at the lowest possible price, consumers increasingly want this with a minimal impact on the environment. Attention to sustainability is growing. Within e-Fulfillment Hub we see synergy benefits in this. With our sustainable shipping service and network, we can offer customers sustainable delivery with fewer kilometers driven. Fewer kilometers means less CO2 emissions and lower costs. We are also working on making transport even more sustainable within the sustainable transport innovation process of our Living Lab Green Fulfillment.

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