Dutch demanding when it comes to delivery

In our previous blog about same-day delivery, we already called the current e-commerce world a mecca for online shoppers. Consumer expectations are driven by continuous developments. According to the E-commerce Delivery Compass, the Dutch expect to be able to order something until 20:00 for delivery the next day. This means that the Dutch are more demanding than most Europeans.

Cut-off times are being stretched more and more

Increasing consumer expectations are driving the cut-off times used. Webshops consider this necessary to remain competitive and to be able to continue to book conversion. Late cut-off times therefore seem more standard than luxury these days. On average, the Dutch person expects to be able to order something until 7:07 PM for next-day delivery. For comparison: the European average is 16:16. No less than 56% of the Dutch expect that it will be delivered the next day even if an order is placed at 20:00. The European average is 24%.

Dutch standards are high compared to countries around us

The above figures show that the Dutch standards are high compared to other countries in Europe. For example, 18% of Dutch online shoppers believe they are eligible for next-day delivery at all times, even if the order is placed at 11:59 PM. We also see these higher standards and consumer expectations when it comes to same-day delivery. In our previous blog we already saw that 50% of the Dutch expect to be able to place an order until 14:00 with the idea of receiving it the same day. In comparison, same-day delivery is not even available in many European countries.

Late cut-off time only one of the consumer needs

Anyone who would have thought to achieve immediate success with a late cut-off time will be disappointed. In addition to a late cut-off time, many other aspects are important. Consumers are increasingly making demands on the environmental impact of their shipment. Within e-Fulfillment Hub we see synergy benefits in this. We have a green shipping service that allows us to offer our customers sustainable delivery. Fewer kilometers are made, which means less CO2 is emitted. This results in a smaller environmental impact and lower costs.

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