Cut-off times and e-fulfilment

Delivery time is an important topic when it comes to e-commerce. Everything we order online has to be delivered to the consumer in one way or another from where it comes from. After the consumer presses the order button, everything is set in motion behind the scenes to make this happen. But that takes time. Many webshops use cut-off times and promise consumers a delivery within 24 hours. In recent years, the cut-off times have slowly been stretched further.

What is cut-off time?

The cut-off time is the latest time at which a consumer can still order online in order to receive his or her purchases the next day. An example of a cut-off time which can regularly be found on a webshop:

“Ordered before 22.00, delivered tomorrow.”

Online shoppers are becoming more demanding and logistics are much more possible than a few years ago. As a result, the cut-off times are slowly stretched further. Previously, a cut-off time of 12:00 noon was quite normal. Now there are more and more cut-off times in the evening or even around midnight. This means that an online store attracts a new audience. Namely the people who shop online in the evening and still want to have their purchases at home quickly. It can often be seen that a later cut-off time yields more customers in the web store.

Late cut-off time difficult for small or fast-growing webshops

Webshop owners want to serve their customers as quickly as possible. Delivering parcels on time is extremely important. If a webshop takes care of the logistics process itself and is not specialized in the logistics side of e-commerce, there is a chance that the customer will have to wait a few days for his or her order. In today’s society this comes across as unprofessional, while attracting and retaining customers is not easy.

For small or fast-growing online stores, it is difficult to offer a late cut-off time as they are dependent on the post office or do not yet send enough packages for the shipping partner to come by at 22:00. Working with an e-fulfillment partner can help solve these problems. An example of a one-stop-shop e-fulfillment service provider for fast-growing webshops with (European) growth ambitions is e-Fulfillment Hub. e-Fulfillment Hub, together with its partner HC Group, performs all e-commerce activities for web stores and retailers. From storing goods to shipping. They can take care of the entire process in the field of logistics, order processing, customer support and advertising. In addition to excellent access to the European hinterland, the location in Central Limburg also offers the opportunity to use late cut-off times for customers in the Benelux.

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